Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 Spring Quilt Market - Kansas City

We had a graduation to attend last weekend, but that didn't stop us from attending Quilt Market in Kansas City for a couple days.  Event though we weren't there long, we found everything we were looking for and more.  Of course I can't share EVERYTHING because what fun would that be???

The best part of Quilt Market for me was meeting Chubaka and Darth Vader.  Honestly, I thought they'd both be taller.

My second favorite part of Quilt Market was meeting Tula Pink.  We've never carried her fabric at Common Threads, but it's never too late.  She recently wrote a book including patterns...of course I brought my copy for her to sign.  Here's a sneak peak of her Halloween line, Nightshade (I would love to make a "all-year-round" quilt from it).

The one theme that we noticed right away while on the floor was that everyone seems to leaning toward the modern side of quilting.  We know that some of you aren't ready to cross to the modern side of quilting, but don't be scared. :)

Of course there are always vendors that have games at their booths to try and real you in to buying their product.  Holly played Plinko at one of the booths and yes, we bought something.  :)

Some of the things we see are TOO cute!  This was one of my favs, a cute pillow at the Riley Blake booth that says "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

And just like the trend toward modern quilting, social media was a huge part of Quilt Market with their Twitter wall.  Can you spy our tweet?

Here are a couple fun fabrics we found.  We are looking forward to using them in our Kaelly Studio pattern designs.

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